Wetland Plants: Wetland restoration and maintenance are essential tools to protect, improve and increase Florida's wetlands.
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Wetland Plants

Wetland PlantsNo longer regarded as wastelands, wetlands are now recognized as important features in the landscape that provide beneficial services and functions for people, fish and wildlife. Wetlands are valuable because they protect and improve water quality, recharge water supplies, store floodwaters, maintain surface water during dry periods and provide fish and wildlife habitat. In addition, wetlands provide recreational opportunities, aesthetic benefits, sites for research and education, and commercial fishery benefits.

Get a FREE QuoteWetland restoration and maintenance are essential tools to protect, improve and increase wetlands. Because wetlands retain their characteristic soil and hydrology, natural functions can be reclaimed in wetlands that have been filled and drained. Restoration is a complex process that requires planning, implementation, monitoring and management. It involves renewing natural and historical wetlands that have been lost or degraded and reclaiming their functions and values as vital ecosystems. To ensure the health of America’s watershed, it is essential to restore lost and degraded wetlands to their natural state.

Some factors to consider when choosing a restoration, creation or enhancement site are:

  • Site history
  • Land ownership
  • Topography and geology
  • Tide
  • Existing water control structures
  • Hydrology
  • Sediment inflow, outflow and retention
  • Soils
  • Biotics
  • Plants
  • Salinity
  • Timing and duration of the restoration project
  • Potential impacts to the site from adjacent human activities
  • Agency requirements

Clear View can facilitate the ecological restoration of your wetlands and their associated uplands while fulfilling all agency requirements. We have the tools and resources to aid in restoration planning and implementation. Our goal is to achieve the greatest wetland function and value, along with optimum wildlife habitat. We have the experience in wetland restoration to put together a plan and a team for you. Call today for a no-obligation review and analysis tailored to your particular property.

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