Safety Recovery Zone Maintenance is vital for safety and improves sight distance at intersections, corners, and reduces driver monotony.
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Safety Recovery Zone Maintenance

Get a FREE QuoteApril is the month for the Road Division to begin Vegetation Management along the county road rights-of-way, bridges, and ditches. The objective of the vegetation management program is to enhance safety, reduce maintenance costs, reduce fire potential, and maintain environmental protection. The Road Division’s vegetation management plan is site-specific to accommodate for the variation in county roads and surrounding environment throughout the County.

The chemical method is the most cost effective method for vegetation management and used when other options are ineffective, unfeasible, or cost-prohibitive. Using strict guidelines to select and apply the chemicals, the road division is able to ensure the least amount of risk to the ecosystem. Some of these guidelines include the use of only EPA approved herbicides, minimized spray drift, no application within ten feet of any body of water, and the use of licensed applicators.

The mechanical methods used consist of mowing, brush cutting, tree trimming, and grading. It is the policy of Skamania County to apply mechanical methods in riparian areas and in areas that are prone to soil erosion and areas in need of bank stabilization. No matter which method is used, vegetation management is a necessary and vital service the road division provides.

Vegetation management is vital for safety as it improves adequate sight distance at intersections, corners, and reduces driver monotony. Vegetation management is also a vital element to soil erosion control, slope stabilization, wetland area protection, water quality, and noxious weed control. As an aid to determine which method to use and to what extent, the rights-of-way are divided into three different zones each with its own set of vegetation management objectives.

  • Zone 1 often called the vegetation free zone is the most critical of the three areas and is the immediate shoulder on the rights-of-way. The purpose of the vegetation free shoulder is to provide sight distance, reduce fire potential, provide surface drainage, and to prevent pavement breakup all of which is essential to the safety of motorists and pedestrians alike.
  • Zone 2 begins at the edge of the shoulder and ends on the far side of the drainage ditches. Zone 2 often referred to as the operational or recovery zone allows for vehicle recovery, hence the name. It also helps prevent soil erosion, and accommodates underground utilities.
  • Zone 3, called the Transition Zone begins at the edge of the recovery zone and encompasses the rest of the right-of-way. The transition zone provides for soil erosion control, slope stabilization, wetland area protection, improved water quality, wildlife habitat and a pleasurable drive for the motorist.

No matter which zone and control method is used, the main goal is to provide for a safe passageway for motorists and pedestrians along Florida Roads.

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