Right of Way Maintenance: Without intervention, noxious weed infestations will continue to expand exponentially and environmentally.
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Right of Way Maintenance

Right of way MaintenanceEstimated at a cost of over $40 billion every year to the U.S. economy, noxious and exotic weeds now infest over 100 million acres in the continental United States, with an additional 3 million acres being infested annually.

Without intervention, noxious weed infestations will continue to expand exponentially, and environmental and social impacts will intensify annually.

While it is beneficial to retain native grasses along rights-of-way, hazardous vegetation, noxious weeds and other invasive plant species along highways and roads must be controlled in order to protect motorists and environmental quality.

Get a FREE QuoteThe invasion of noxious weeds into native habitats has the potential to seriously degrade them and make them unsuitable for native wildlife. Removal of hazardous vegetation offers the following benefits:

  • Improved visibility
  • Improved critical habitat for threatened or endangered animals
  • Stabilization of roadside soils against erosion
  • Visible boundary provided at pavement edge
  • Aesthetic appeal

With years of experience, Clear View personnel stand ready to provide you with a professional right-of-way maintenance program. Licensed, bonded and insured, we offer vegetation control for commercial businesses, railways, right-of-way clearance for gas, power or water lines utilities and roadways. We can have your right-of-way cleared and maintained in the shortest possible time. Our process discourages re-growth of woody vegetation and provides erosion control so you can enjoy longer periods of unwanted vegetation control with little or no maintenance. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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