Methods of Application: Weed Control for pastures, fences, ditch banks, rights-of-ways, boundary line corridors, trails and other areas.
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Methods of Application

Methods of ApplicationSelective and specific vegetation control management is necessary of plants, trees and other woody plants that commonly progress into pastures, fence rows, ditch banks, road rights-of-way, boundary line corridors, trails and other areas. These woody species require control since they will compromise fence integrity, impede canal drainage, interfere with transmission of electricity, and some species (such as cherry trees) which can be highly poisonous to livestock.

Get a FREE QuoteThree important characteristics that make a plant a weed are competitiveness, persistence and forage value. Accurate weed identification (annual, biennial or perennial) is important when choosing a control method, whether it be prevention, control or eradication. Removal and control of woody perennials can be difficult, but several techniques are available:

  • Mowing (generally provides only short-term success because it leaves live stumps and root-stocks that re-sprout)
  • Fire (can be tricky to manage and it is difficult to generate a fire with sufficient heat capacity to kill most hardwood species along fence rows, ditch banks and other sites with low plant density)
  • Herbicides (often the most effective and inexpensive means of controlling woody plants)

Some of the herbicide application techniques that can be used to control trees and brush of various sizes are:

  • Foliar application
  • Basal Bark application
  • Stump treatment
  • Soil application

Clear View is experienced in herbicide applications for vegetation management. We carefully choose methods and herbicide treatments that are environmentally compatible, effective and economical. We have the proper understanding of herbicide labeling, uses and precautions. Because a single method rarely gives complete satisfactory weed control, our successful weed control programs use an integrated approach combining all the weed control techniques available. Call us today for a no-obligation assessment of which treatment is right for you.

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