Invasive aquatic plants have adapted to living in, on, or next to water, and can grow either submerged or partially submerged in water.
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Invasive SpeciesNon-native plants exist in our landscapes. They have been introduced as landscape ornamentals, aquarium plantings, agricultural crops and by accident. Seeds and spores can be spread by birds, animals, wind and yard trimmings.

When they thrive in areas beyond their natural range of dispersal, spreading on their own and causing environmental or economic harm, they are defined as invasive plants.

These plants are characteristically adaptable, aggressive and have a high reproductive capacity. Their vigor combined with a lack of natural enemies often leads to outbreak populations.

Invasive aquatic plants are introduced plants that have adapted to living in, on, or next to water, and that can grow either submerged or partially submerged in water.

Get a FREE QuoteProblems associated with non-native invasive plants have increased through the years and are now a growing concern to scientists and land managers. In Florida, about 30 plant species are causing serious damage, and it’s costing millions of dollars to try and control or manage these plants. Among them are:

  • Brazilian pepper tree
  • Hydrilla
  • Melalucca
  • Cogon Grass
  • Skunk vine

Clear View is aware of what species are restricted, both regionally and federally. We know our native plants and how to identify invasive non-native plants. We can locate and control these silent invaders. With the use of top quality materials we can keep your lake, pond or waterway in excellent condition year round and free of invasive species. We service homeowners associations, developers, municipalities, golf courses, mobile home communities and other residential and commercial property owners. Call us today for a free aquatic inspection. We’ll give you the beautiful lake or waterway you deserve.

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