Fountains & Aeration: A fountain or an aeration system is important for the overall management strategy for your lake or pond.
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Fountains & Aeration

Fountains and AerationAll healthy bodies of water need oxygen for the normal biological cycle to be completed. In smaller lakes and ponds, it is easy for biological factors to become unbalanced, causing oxygen levels to drop. That’s why a fountain or aeration system is an important component of the overall management strategy for your lake or pond. Proper circulation and aeration will increase the amount of oxygen at all depths. Aeration and fountain systems help to control:

  • Get a FREE QuoteProblems of algae build up
  • Growth of aquatic weeds
  • Build up of organic sludge
  • Aquatic odors in lakes and ponds

Aeration and fountain systems also help to:

  • Accelerate the natural breakdown of decaying vegetation
  • Effectively inhibit mosquito breeding
  • Help prevent fish kill
  • Increase water clarity
  • Promote healthy aquatic life

There are many factors that make each pond unique. Clear View will take into consideration the size, depth, slope, shape and nutrient load when custom designing a pond aeration system for you. Our aeration equipment and fountains will improve the aesthetics and overall health of your body of water. We will create a lovely focal point of interest while enhancing the beauty of your pond or lake. When used in conjunction with proper algae and weed treatment programs, the added benefit of introducing additional oxygen into the water will contribute to the pond’s overall health, providing sparkling-clear, sweet-smelling water that supports abundant fish life, free from excessive algae and weeds. Call today for a free initial consultation to let Clear View assess the aeration needs of your lake or pond.

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