Florida Natural Areas: Florida has a variety of natural habitats - coastal dunes, saltwater marshes and subtropical forests and more.
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Florida Natural Areas

Florida Natural AreasThere's a lot more to Florida than the concrete jungles of Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville Tampa and St. Petersburg. Florida is blessed with unique geography and an abundance of protected natural areas. These natural ecosystems assembled themselves here long before human beings ever arrived.

Our peninsular state stretches from the South's coastal plains toward the Tropic of Cancer. With the Gulf of Mexico on one side, the Atlantic Ocean on another and the Caribbean Sea to the south, Florida encompasses a variety of natural habitats from coastal dunes to limestone caverns, desert-like scrublands to prairie, and saltwater marshes to subtropical forests.

Some of the natural areas in Florida that you may want to explore are:

  • Get a FREE QuoteNational parks and seashores
  • National forests
  • National wildlife refuges
  • State parks
  • State forests
  • Wildlife management areas
  • County and regional natural areas
  • Privately conserved natural areas

Sadly, Florida’s native habitats are continually being lost, with more than one-half of the land area being used for agriculture, which is essential, or urbanization, an inevitable consequence of increasing population. Wildlife and wildlands have been under siege by development for more than 100 years, and the pressure is relentless. Whether from the straightforward habitat destruction of paving and draining, or from the more subtle and insidious alteration of water quantity and quality, our natural areas are approaching their breaking point.

Unfortunately, many of these natural areas have also been adversely affected by nonnative invasive plant species. While only a small number of the estimated 25,000 plant species brought into Florida for use as agricultural crops or landscape plants have become invasive, those that do can adversely affect native plant communities by hybridizing with native species or competing for space and resources, disrupting hydrologic and fire regimes. They must be managed for the protection of native communities in natural areas.

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