Clear View follows BMP's and DOT's environmental stewardship practices for ditch or swale cleaning for enhancing water quality.
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Drainage & Maintenance

Drainage and MaintenanceChannels and drainage ditches need to be maintained to avoid obstruction and maintain flow. Maintenance of a drainage ditch means the physical preservation of the original, as-built configuration of the ditch. Protective measures such as soil stabilization using vegetation or rock on stream banks, slopes or ditches are also part of the these activities. Water quality management practices are needed to control potential pollution from disturbed soil, leaks and stockpiles, and from the release of pollutants such as sediment, litter, fuel, hydraulic fluid and oil.

Get a FREE QuoteClear View follows Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Department of Transportation (DOT) environmental stewardship practices for ditch or swale cleaning for enhancing water quality as outlined below:

  • We follow practices intended to reduce pollution either through source control or treatment of stormwater.
  • We reduce or eliminate the generation and accumulation of potential stormwater runoff contaminants at or near their source.
  • We include plans for surface water management system operation and maintenance, nutrient and pesticide management, solid waste management, and/or animal/livestock waste storage and disposal if applicable.
  • We evaluate and modify, where feasible and appropriate, existing ditch slopes to trap sediments and support development of vegetation.
  • We make every effort to retain existing vegetation, especially along the ditch slopes to maintain slope stability.
  • We dispose of debris, trash, sediment and other waste material removed to suitable disposal/recycling sites in compliance with local, state and federal waste regulations.

Clear View’s objectives address the elimination, reduction or minimization of stormwater-related impacts and take into consideration environmental, social and economic factors. Call us today for a free consultation and cost estimate. We guarantee an improvement in access, drainage and overall appearance of your drainage ditch.

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