Cattail Removal: Cattails are among the most common of all aquatic and native wetland plants in Florida.
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Cattail Removal

Cattails RemovalCattails are among the most common of all aquatic and native wetland plants anywhere. Cattails get their name from their unique brown cylindrical flowering spike which can be more than 1 foot in length and long, flat leaves that reach heights of 4 to 9 feet. Cattails in modest amounts can be desirable around a pond or lake, giving it a very natural and beautiful appearance. Not only do they provide important wildlife habitat, shelter for birds, food and cover for fish and the insects they eat, cattails also help protect the banks of a pond from erosion. 

Get a FREE QuoteThey intercept and reduce the force of small waves and wind on the shore while the stems catch and slow water, helping trap sediment and silt. Cattail roots harbor microorganisms that help break down organic materials, and new research shows that cattails can also remove polluting materials from the water surrounding their roots.  While small patches of cattails dispersed around a pond are pleasing to see, a thick wall of cattails along the shore of the pond makes it hard to enjoy their benefits.

When left unchecked, cattails can become a problem. Some of the methods used to control cattails are:

  • Mowing and cutting (should take place before the cattails spread their seeds)
  • Hand-pulling (extremely labor intensive and cannot guarantee complete removal)
  • Dredging (usually reserved for very large jobs)
  • Flooding (only effective if you can maintain your water level for a long period of time)
  • Chemical herbicides

While all of these methods work to some extent, several call for massive physical labor, are time consuming or run the potential of contaminating the water supply. One of the quickest remedies for removing cattails is by using aquatic herbicides. They are the most commonly used control, since they can be used in just about any situation without harming fish or wildlife or damage to the landscape or concern over maintaining your water level.

Cattail removal and water level manipulation require the assistance of someone who is familiar with these methods. Clear View has licensed professionals certified to apply chemical herbicides according to your plans. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation before altering the natural balance of your lake or pond.

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