Basal Bark Application: Basal bark removal treatments control woody vines, shrubs, saplings, trees and sensitive plants.
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Basal Bark Application

Get a FREE QuoteBasal bark treatments are effective for controlling woody vines, shrubs, saplings, trees and other sensitive species less than two inches in base diameter. Basal applications offer the advantage of a low profile application and selective control of target plants. Selected stems are removed while desirable plants are left to naturally and rapidly occupy sites. When properly applied, complete control of foliage, stems and roots is possible. Applications can be made year-round, but are most efficient when easy access to the base of undesirable stems is possible.

The basal spray method is highly selective and involves the application of an oil-based herbicide to the bottom portion of a plant’s stem. The oil penetrates the plant’s bark and carries the herbicide into the cambium for translocation to the roots. Basal spray formulations can also be applied to cut-stumps that have begun to re-sprout. Basal treatments can be used in combination with cut surface treatments when large undesirable trees are mixed with smaller stems.

Clear View is experienced in basal bark application. We are knowledgeable in applying the right product for the plant you want to control, its treatment methods, mixture instructions and any site restrictions. Call us today to determine if this method is right for you.

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