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Aquatic Weed Control

Aquatic Weed ControlAquatic plant life is desirable and an important element of any aquatic habitat, whether it is a stream, pond, lake or reservoir. Plants are natural and important components of the aquatic environment. One-celled aquatic plants (algae) form the base of the aquatic food chain. Larger plants offer shelter and breeding habitat for fish and food organisms, and all plants produce oxygen as they photosynthesize during the daylight hours. A balance between plants and other aquatic life is therefore beneficial.

Get a FREE QuoteHowever, excessive growth of these plants can have a detrimental effect on a body of water and its inhabitants. Many shallow, nutrient-rich ponds, lakes and drainage ditches provide ideal conditions for abundant aquatic weed growth. By definition, a weed is “a plant growing out of place.” Some of the problems caused by flourishing aquatic weeds are:

  • Reduced water storage capacity in reservoirs, tanks, ponds
  • Navigation interference
  • Detract the aesthetic value of a body of water
  • Promote habitat for mosquitoes
  • Clogged irrigation pipes
  • Interfere with or prohibit recreational activities such as swimming, fishing and boating
  • Stunt or interfere with a balanced fish population
  • Fish kills due to removal of too much oxygen from the water
  • Bad water tastes and odors from certain algae
  • Impede water flow in drainage ditches, irrigation canals and culverts, causing water to back up

Management of aquatic vegetation is accomplished with either preventative measures or control measures. Vegetation control may be accomplished with biological, mechanical or chemical methods.  It is important to correctly identify the weeds to be treated and choose the appropriate method to achieve the best results. Each individual water body and weed situation requires a unique solution. Our company provides water management services for private, public, industrial or commercial bodies of water and can keep your lake, pond or waterway in excellent condition year round. Our work is accomplished by Florida licensed and insured personnel with years of combined experience. For a free aquatic inspection, report and water management proposal, contact us today and let us provide your body of water with a Clear View.

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